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Photography Courses

Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions governing our photography courses for adult students. Please read them through and email us if you have a question before you register for a course with us. By sending in your registration, you have agreed to abide by this Terms and Conditions as laid out below.

1. Guarantee

Our adult photography courses are structured programme with set objectives and assignments for each lesson. We guarantee that if you follow through the lessons as planned, the course objectives would be met. Our trainer(s) shall endeavour their best effort to meet the need of each student. For this reason, we have deliberately kept our class size small.

2. Refund Policy

A student is registered for a course with us after our acknowledgement. Thereafter, he/she may withdraw from the course up to one calendar week from the date of the course commencement. TechCraft & Grafix would refund 75% of the fee paid. No refund is eligible from cancellation after one week before the date of the course commencement.

In the case of Twin Registration, the withdrawal of one person would forfeit the discount applicable to the second person. If the second person chooses to remain registered, he/she must make up the full course fee.

3. Course Transfer

A student who has registered for a course may elect to transfer to a similar course at a later date.

Although we do not encourage it, but we would consider allowing a student who has started a course and is unable to complete it to transfer the remaining lessons to another course at a later date. This would be considered on a case by case basis. In any case, there shall be only one transfer permitted.

4. Our Obligation

In the duration of the course, the duties of our trainer(s) shall remain within the scope of the course as stipulated in the course objectives. Our duty is restricted to the providing of instruction in photography to registered students. Under no circumstances shall our trainer(s) be obligated to perform other functions beyond the scope of the course.

5. Accidents & Injuries

In the duration of the course and especially during outdoors sessions, our trainer(s) shall provide the necessary advice according to their experiences with regards to field safety. However, our trainer(s) shall not be held responsible for any accidents or personal injuries suffered by the respective students during such outdoors sessions. All students are advised to exercise due care and caution in outdoors environment. Please heed the advice given by the trainers and incur the minimum impact on the natural environment and its ecology.

6. Privacy of Information

All information collected by us in the course of registration will not be shared with any third party. This information is used only for administrative purposes like making contact and mailing.

7. Loan of Equipment

During course outings, students are entitled to the loan of photographic equipment and accessories from TechCraft & Grafix. Students are expected to exercise due care for the use of the loan equipment and accessories. Any damages to them must be borne by the student concerned. The compensation for damages must be made good by cash payment. All loan equipment must be returned at the end of the session.

8. Copyrights

TechCraft and Grafix is committed to the copyright laws inforce in Singapore. The copyright of all images submitted for assessment shall remain with the photographer and would not be used for other purposes without consent of the copyright owner. In the duration of the course, students may be provided with images for their course work. They are not permitted to use the images for any other purpose except as specified in the course work.

End of Document

Download registration form here in PDF format.

TechCraft & Grafix reserves the right to change the above Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.