Photography Courses


- for study and leisure -

This course is intended for the beginning photograher. It introduces the digital camera and helps each participant to acquire the basic techniques in taking good photographs on a consistent basis. The content is tailored towards secondary school students so that they can use the skill to compliment classroom work and school activities where good photography can be an asset. This is a hands-on course and students are expected to take lots of images for evaluation during the course.


At the end of the course the student should be able to:

  • Understand the key elements of a good photograph.
  • Know how to handle and control a digital camera.
  • Recognise different photographic environment.
  • Know the basics of digital editing and printing.
  • Submit a portfolio of 12 images for critique.

Course Outline (6 sessions of 2 hr. each)

Session 1

  • Introduction to the digital camera
  • Basic camera settings
  • Indoor practice

Session 2

  • The basics of good photography
  • Categories in Photography
  • Aperture control
  • Depth 0f Field
  • Outdoor practice & evaluation

Session 3

  • Photographic composition.
  • Speed control and its effects
  • Outdoor practice & evaluation

Session 4 (Optional off-school field trip

  • Manual exposure control
  • Metering and further exposure control
  • Outdoor practice & evaluation

Session 5

  • Indoors Photography
  • The electronic flash
  • Flash techniques
  • Studio techniques
  • Indoor practice

Session 6

  • Final outdoor practice & evaluation
  • Basic image editing
  • Evaluation of students' portfolios
  • Certificate presentation and prize giving


  • $70 per student (min. 10 students, one teacher may sit in free).

Material Supplied

  • Colour Course Manual with worksheets
  • A Certificate of Attendance for those who have been present for minimum of five sessions
  • Two prizes for the two best portfolios

Equipment Required

  • School: to provide a classroom environment with LCD projector and screen. A classroom with curtain is preferred.
  • Student: Participants are expected have a digital camera, with selectable aperture and speed priority, and manual modes.

    Beginning Photography

    - A Closer Vision, A Fresher View -

    A Basic Photography Course: if you already own a camera or is thinking of buying a DSLR, have you considered how many pictures you would capture in your active life-time? And how many of them you wished have been taken well? After the first fifteen minutes in our class, you would learn a new perspective in evaluating images. Fred and BH would take you through step-by-step, in getting to know your camera and grounding you with the basics of photography. At the end of the course, you should be able to capture sharp, properly exposed and well composed images. Something that you would be proud to keep and share.

    The class size is kept small and informal for better interaction. Although the course is structured, we are flexible and participants are invited to join class outings for six months to further horn their skill. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a mounted A5-print of his/her best image.

    Objective: To equip the beginner with a basic knowledge and skill to take good photograph on a consistent basis. The course emphasises on a strong understanding of fundamentals and reinforces the learning by specially designed assignments.


    • Designed for the adult learner and flexible schedule
    • Small class size with two experienced photographers
    • Structured lesson plan
    • Use of DSLRs strongly recommended for maximum effectiveness
    • Nikon accessories available for loan
    • Colour Course Manual with assignments.

    Course Outline:

    1. Basic photography equipment
    2. Exposure basics
    3. Depth of Field (DoF)
    4. Metering & Compensation
    5. Electronic flash
    6. Composition techniques
    7. Basic digital editing (PhotoShop Elements 6.0)

    Duration: 15 hours in six sessions.

    Fee: S$230.00 per student


    Participants are expected to be equipped with the following:

    • Basic - A DSLR body with suitable lenses (between 18m and 120mm) and tripod.
    • Optional - electronc flash.


    • Three indoors sessions and three field trips with assignments. Image critique and discussion.

    Course Schedule:

    • The course schedule is quite flexible; three indoor sessions (on either Wednesday or Thursday evenings), 1930hrs. - 2130hrs. and three field trips; every Saturdays (0800hrs.- 1100hrs.) at selected locations in Singapore. If followed continuously, the course can be completed in three weeks; every Wednesday (or Thursday) and Saturday. Please email Fred and BH to confirm a date for the first session.

    Nature Close-up Photography Course

    - More then just getting closer -

    This course is designed for the nature lover who likes to take a closer look at things with their DSLR cameras. Intending participants should already understand how to control image exposure. The course will look into the special challenges that nature close-up photography poses and explores the practical solutions to them. There is a special attention placed on the effective use of flash trechniques. For the greatest benefit, participants should have the basic equipment listed below. Participants are invited to join class outings for six months to further horn their skill. Each participant will receive a mounted A5 print of his/her best image.

    Target: Photographers who wish to explore nature close-up.

    Objective: To provide photographers who already have foundational photography the necessary knowledge and skill to pursue nature close-up.


    • Small class size
    • Two experienced nature close-up photographers
    • Student-centric & structured lesson plan
    • Regular critique to monitor progress
    • Nikon and macro accessories available on loan
    • Detailed course notes and worksheets

    Course Outline:

    1. Introducing the macro environment and its challenges.
    2. Special macro equipment & set-up.
    3. Flash techniques for close-up
    4. Field techniques.
    5. Natural subjects and composition.

    Duration: 13 hours in 5 sessions.

    Fee: S$250.00


    Participants are expected to be equipped with the following:

    • Basic - A DSLR with close-up lens, tripod, flash with diffuser and off-camera cord (or remote control).
    • Optional - Remote shutter release cord, flash extension bracket and angle finder.


    • Introductory briefing (indoors), three (3) field trips with assignments followed by a final indoor session.

    Course Schedule:

    • The course schedule is quite flexible; introduction session is held each Thursday evening, 1930hrs. - 2130hrs. Thereafter, you continue with three outings; every Saturdays (0800hrs.- 1100hrs.) at selected locations in Singapore. The course concludes with a final indoor session. Please email Fred and BH to confirm a date for the introductory session.