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Adult Photography Courses

The Experiences of Our Participants ....

At Christmas 2007 we bought an entry level DSLR to explore an interest we both had in photography, shortly after this we searched for a photography course to help expand our knowledge and get better use of the equipment. Having Googled some courses we landed upon TechCraft & Grafix. What we thought would be a general overview of the craft has developed into a passion, this is a direct result of the professionalism, expertise and depth of knowledge both Fred and Boen Hian possess.

We started with simple gear and limited knowledge, and over the course of a few weeks they built our knowledge and skills in a small group with a first class degree of understanding of the art, our equipment and its capacity. They are non judgemental, extremely knowledgable and always willing to offer advice at just the right time.

They have been instrumental in helping to build our knowledge and skills, which has resulted in our growing passion for the art of photography. Whilst we now have a bent for Macro and leverage their knowledge in this particular area, their expertise is broad and wide ranging and I'm sure helpful to anyone who wishes to explore the many facets and different styles of photography.

Whether you have a passing interest in photography or wish to hone your skills and get the best out of yourself and your equipment these guys will deliver.

We couldn't be more happy with our experience, which continues with regular outings exploring the many faces of Singapore (and beyond).

John & Marie Holding

I have laid off photography for many years. Though I still have a continued love for it, it wasn't until April 2007 that I took my first step and attended a talk given by Fred and Boen Hian at the Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild. I found the topics refreshing and the approach to the subject was just the right pace for me. I felt comfortable enough to be able to switch from film to digital and quickly pick up from where I've left off. A couple of months later, I bought my first DSLR and signed up for the Beginning Photography Course with TechCraft & Grafix.

Fast forward to now, 12 months and three courses later, I've look forward to every Saturday outing with them and all the evening weekday classes for the theory lessons. Both have been beneficial for my learning because there's ample opportunities for me to put into practice the theory that I've learnt from the classes. Moreover, Boen Hian and Fred are always there to provide advice and guidance. I felt that both of them were more of sharing the best practices with us rather then simply being instructors. I look forward to other courses with them so that I can further improve.

John Chee

I was passionate about photography since young. However, due to my busy school work then, and subsequent career development, I have to put this passion aside for many years.

This was until after I visited some photo exhibitions last year which have re-inspired my passion and subsequently, I decided to take it more seriously. But due to the lack of guidance, I knew I would have to struggle in improving my photography skill. Fortunately, I chance upon Fred and Boen Hian. Through their course, I have since learnt many practical tips from them. Not just from the theory lessons but through the many organised outings. The best of all, they are relentlessly willing to impart their knowledge.

They are indeed expert in general and macro photography, with decades of experience under their belts. Besides photography, their in-depth understanding of the equipment does help to make buying decisions much easier. I was particularly interested in macro photography but could not get on with it until I met them. Their teaching and guidance have indeed saved me many years of trial-and-error.

As they rightly say, photography requires lots of practice. Hence, their weekly outings and with their on-site guidance, are the perfect means for me to hone my photography skill. I just hope that I can have more time to shoot.

Yeow Eng Hwa

Beginning Photography

- A Closer Vision, A Fresher View -

A Basic Photography Course: if you already own a DSLR or is thinking of buying one, have you considered how many pictures you would capture in your active life-time? And how many of them you wished have been taken well? After the first fifteen minutes in our class, you would learn a new perspective in evaluating images. Fred and BH would take you through step-by-step, in getting to know your camera and grounding you with the basics of photography. At the end of the course, you should be able to capture sharp, properly exposed and well composed images. Something that you would be proud to keep and share.

The class size is kept small and informal for better interaction. Although the course is structured, we are flexible and participants are encourage to continue with our Saturday morning outings for another three months to further horn their skill. There is no charge for this extended period.

Objective: To equip the beginner with a basic knowledge and skill to take good photograph on a consistent basis. The course emphasises on a strong understanding of fundamentals and reinforces the learning by specially designed assignments.


  • Designed for the adult learner

  • Small class size with two experienced photographers

  • Structured lesson plan

  • Use of DSLRs strongly recommended for maximum effectiveness

  • Nikon accessories available for loan

  • Colour Course Manual with assignments.

Course Outline:

  1. Basic photography equipment

  2. Exposure basics

  3. Depth of Field (DoF)

  4. Metering & Compensation

  5. Electronic flash

  6. Composition techniques

  7. Basic digital editing (PhotoShop Elements 6.0)

Duration: 15 hours in six sessions.

Fee: S$280.00 per student


Participants are expected to be equipped with the following:

  • Basic - A DSLR body with suitable lenses (between 18m and 120mm) and a tripod.

  • Optional - electronc flash.


  • Three indoors sessions and three field trips with assignments. Image critique and discussion.

Course Schedule:

  • New courses commence on the first Wednesday of every month at 1900hrs. - 2100hrs. Field trips are on every Saturdays (0800hrs.- 1100hrs.) at selected locations in Singapore. If followed continuously, the course can be completed within three weeks; every Wednesday and Saturday. Please email Fred and BH to confirm a start date for your first session.

Nature Close-up Photography

- More then just getting closer -

This course is designed for the nature lover who likes to take a closer look at things with their DSLR cameras. Intending participants should already understand how to control image exposure. The course will look into the special challenges that nature close-up photography poses and explores the practical solutions to them. Special attention is placed on the effective use of flash techniques. We would even show you how to use multiple flashes in the field. For the greatest benefit, participants should have the basic equipment listed below. Participants are encouraged to join class outings for another three months to further horn their skill.

Target: Photographers who wish to explore nature close-up.

Objective: To provide photographers who already have foundational photography with the necessary knowledge and skill to pursue nature close-up.


  • Small class size

  • Two experienced nature close-up photographers. Both Fred and BH have been awarded the ARPS distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, UK in the nature category.

  • Student-centric and structured lesson plan

  • Regular critique to monitor progress

  • Nikon and macro accessories available on loan

  • Detailed course notes and worksheets

Course Outline:

  1. Introducing the macro environment and its challenges.

  2. Special macro equipment & set-up.

  3. Flash techniques for close-up

  4. Field techniques.

  5. Nature subjects and composition.

Duration: 13 hours in 5 sessions.

Fee: S$300.00

Equipment: Participants are expected to be equipped with the following:

  • Basic - A DSLR with close-up lens, a sturdy and low-reach tripod, flash with diffuser and off-camera cord (or remote control).

  • Optional - Remote shutter release cord, flash extension bracket and angle finder.


  • Indoor lectures and field trips. Participants send in images for critique.

Course Schedule:

  • The course schedule is quite flexible; indoor sessions are held each Thursday evening, 1900hrs. - 2130hrs. Field trips are on Saturdays (0800hrs.- 1100hrs.) at selected locations in Singapore. Please feel free to email Fred and BH if you have further question.

Advanced Photography

~ Photography with mind and heart ~

This course is designed for those who already have foundation knowledge in photography and is aimed at helping them to approach the subject in a purposeful way. It introduces participants to the advanced features in digital cameras and to achieve accurate exposure control in the field. The techniques in flash photography are covered in greater details to cope with different scenes. It will also help participants in preparing for competitions and distinction awards in a systematic manner. The course finishes with further exposure in image editing and manipulation with PhotoShop Element.

Objective: At the end of the course the participant should be able to:

  • Understands the limits of the image sensor and use of histogram.
  • Know how to use the electronic flash in different photographic scenes.
  • Know the use of editing software to enhance images.
  • Understand the criteria for photography competition.
  • Submit a portfolio of 12 images for critique.

Duration: 15 hours in six sessions.

The course schedule is quite flexible; three indoor sessions (usually Thursday evenings), 1900hrs. - 2130hrs. and three field trips, every Saturdays (0800hrs.- 1100hrs.) at selected locations in Singapore. If followed continuously, the course can be completed in three weeks; every Thursday and Saturday. Participants are encouraged to continue with the Saturday morning outings for another three months to further develop what they have learned without any further charges. Please email Fred or BH to confirm a date for the first session.

Fee: $300.00 per participant

Equipment: Basic (must have) - A DSLR body, tripod and flash.

Special features:

  • Small class size with two experienced photographers
  • Designed for the adult learner with flexible schedule
  • Fully illustrated and colour course manual
  • Structured lesson plan
  • Use of DSLRs recommended for maximal benefit
  • Nikon accessories loan available (on availability basis)

Course Outline (6 sessions totalling 15 hours)


  • Latitude of image sensors
  • Interpreting histograms for exposure control
  • High dynamic range photography
  • Camera’s auto focusing system
  • Camera lens and focusing techniques


  • Flash synchronsation and compensation
  • Indoor photography
  • Night photography


  • Five-step editing workflow
  • Using layers in image editing
  • Manipulation: text, borders, stitching and stacking


  • Competition as a means for improvement
  • Categories in photography
  • Further techniques in composition
  • Digital image preparation
  • Image presentation – Digital and Print
  • Personal portfolio

Private Lesson

~ Photography with a Personal Touch ~

We do provide one-on-one private coaching where the lessons are tailored to suit your needs. It is more personal and private, with the full attention given to you alone. The level of instruction can be at the beginner's or intermediate/advanced stages. As in our other courses, the optimal time investment is approximately 15 hours divided into six sessions; three indoor and three field trips. Due to our commitment to other regular course participants, private sessions must be conducted during weekdays.

If you have a companion who wishes to join in your endeavour, the fee for the second person in the same course is given a 50% discount.

Please feel free to email us if you have further question.

Course Fee: S$600.00 per person